When we first met we instantly had the feeling there is something very right. We quickly decided to get together and a few weeks later we started THE SUPER WHY. Here are a some words from Paul about Bijan and from Bijan about Paul. And from Paul and Bijan about THE SUPER WHY.

"Bijan is my neighbour. He told me that he cannot be insulted, so lets see how that goes. I think he would be a great professor. Im sure he thinks so too. He is very intelligent and is fun to listen too. I think he needs a haircut thou. We are very different."


"Paul is my neighbour. He is very sensitive like many artists. I am sure we can work this out. Of course he is the best designer in the world. Paul likes burning bridges but also building new ones. I like his accent and his immense creative energy.  We have a lot in common."


THE SUPER WHY are Paul Snowden, designer, artist, creative guy. From New Zealand. Bijan Latif, designer, strategic thinker, creative guy. From Berlin. They were not absolutely happy with their status quo. They needed a new challenge. Both have worked in the creative and advertising industry for more than two decades. And they saw that there were many problems. This is why they now want to build something big, better, meaningful and fun and plan to invite other people to join them in the collective. If you can identify with the stuff you see and read here, you should talk to Paul and Bijan. Don't be shy. Maybe it's the start of a beautiful journey.